1) Don’t post until you have all your ducks in a row

Before you start marketing through your facebook, it is important to that you define your goals, key messages, and key publics you desire to target. Define whether you desire to drive sales, increase awareness, improve brand image, or simply create more dialogue between your company and your customers.


2) Make Facebook Material share-able and likable

To get more likes for your Facebook page, your need to create material that is share-able and likable. Be sure to implement humorous material and content that resonates with your target market. You will create brand awareness as you post material that your target market shares with friends and family.


3) Say Thank you!

Make sure you thank those that positively interact with your Facebook page. Thank them and reward them when you are able. Your target market will be more likely to interact via social media as you thank them and respond promptly.


4) Play with controversy (but do not ruin your name)

Post controversial content on occasion to generate discussion.This can bring traffic in a hurry but use it wisely.


5) Understand why people participate and interact with your brand via Facebook

Here are the main reasons your target market will interact with your company via Facebook. Use this information to your advantage. Understanding your target markets self interest will create greater brand loyalty.

-Seeking a discount

-Following a recommendation

-Expressing their loyalty

-Wanting entertainment (the content you post is funny and interesting!)

-They want a question answered (give a quick response)


For more information on how to successfully market your business through social media, visit us on our website at Sandcatmarketing.com. We a FREE personalized marketing plan to get you started on marketing your business more effectively.




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